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Bed Bound Guide

Can't get up, can't move without help... Can you imagine how frustrating this situation can be? The feeling of being a burden has a profound impact on the bed ridden patient. Give it a few weeks or months, and bed rest will turn out to be living hell on earth!

This message is for all those bed bound patients: ‘being bed bound is a life changing event that alters the circumstances in which people find themselves in. I can very well fathom how a bed-ridden person may feel. I too was bed ridden for 4 months. I know that atrocious feeling. In fact the sense of guilt and being a source of unending trauma will only increase as the days go by. But always remember this too shall pass.’

When a loved one is confined to the bed they will need assistance in everyday activities, which we take for granted.

Finding the perfect healthcare products for those confines to bed may seem like a complicated and confusing endeavor. Even though each patient has their specific needs, there are many plausible products that are essential when caring for bed ridden patients. Don't worry you aren't in this alone. Gone through the same dreadful experience, I can guide you through the process.

Top 7 Products For Bedridden Patients


With anti-decubitus air pump and bubble mattress. Helps to prevent bed sores and increases blood circulation, thus decreasing the pressure to the tissues of bedridden patients.


Elevates the patient’s upper body or legs to the required position which is best for recovery, better sleep, and comfort.


Helps the patients to keep their minds off the bed rest by making activities such as eating, working, using laptops, playing cards and board games, doing creative work in scrapbooks, or writing a journal with ease.


Comfortable bedside toilets with features to make the patients feel more accessible to their daily life.


When it’s inflated- it provides safe, secure support to the head and shoulders and has a built-in inflatable headrest to make in-bed shampooing significantly easier. After all hygiene is important, even for those who are in bed for long periods of time.


It is a true blessing in disguise. These adult diapers have various uses rather than just being useful for the elderly people. For bed-ridden patients, it prevents any bed sores or rashes. Nowadays various types of diapers are available like underpants, pull-up diapers, etc. You can choose as per your requirement. Ideal for both men and women.


It is not easy for bed ridden people to wash their hands or face after every meal or whenever they feel like! This could be so, for many varying reasons, the most common is that they don’t have personal guided assistance. In that scenario, wet wipes are the best solution. With my personal experience, I would recommend you to use alcohol-free wipes as the concentrated ones can make the skin really dry.

Hope you have an expeditious recovery. Rememberthis too shall pass.’

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